Thursday, 16 June 2011

Zippy's slippers

It was Knit in Public Day last week. I did my bit by starting the second slipper at Zippy's. No, my old-lady-knitting presence didn't result in empying out Zippy's. The cafe was full at the time, I have just used one of my old photos to show you the Zippy's style. I have been wearing the one finished slipper while working on the second. Well, I wasn't wearing it when I was having coffee. Then again, would the clientele have noticed? Probably not.

I'm using Nola's slipper pattern which is a freebie from a charity that encourages volunteers to knit for mariners. What a quaint thng to do! If you did have the urge, can I suggest you donate your finished knits to the Lakeside Chookwatch Lady, C/- 9 Cooper Ave. A hat would come in handy on a frosty morning like today.

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