Sunday, 12 June 2011

Yarn to dye (four)

I have started to make myself a stripey cardigan based around a skein of hand-dyed wool that I bought at Creative Outlets in Tauranga a year or so ago. The skein is not going to be enough, so I popped over the shop last week and bought some boucle from the bargain bin, dyed in pale pinks and yellows. Into the sink with it. Then spread onto gladwrap and out with the drinking straws which served nicely to drip wine and black dye at random. A zap in the microwave...
Well, after drying it turned out the colour wasn't quite right, so back into a another dye bath with a purple. Too much! Rinsed most out before another bit of zapping to set the colour.  The final result is close enough, is what I'm hoping. Some stripes here and there, and it should meld in nicely with the other yarns.

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