Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Holy cow


Jaipur. Take Two

Uttam says the lassi in Jaipur is the best in India. It's served in
terracotta glasses, with a thick creamy layer on top that made me
think the yogurt was so alive it was still setting in the pots. Yum!

In Jaipur we went the the movies. The Rajmandir Movie Theater
is like a stage set in itself, and the Hindi movie, Guzaarish, was a delight.

Jaipur, The Pink City

In Management 101 we studied a model called the Johari Window.
Nothing to do with the Johari Bazaar in Jaipur. On a cool wet darkening
evening in November was it about as far from that textbook
abstraction as you could get.

Our Intrepid leader Uttam led us at a cracking pace along the
muddy streets through the bazaar. We trailed along behind him half dazed,
picking our way through rubbish, cow pats, potholes and puddles
and dodging the autorickshaws, motorbikes, children, goats, men wrapped in shawls,
an occasional umbrella, and the ubiquitous wandering cow (one wearing a bracelet).
Bit of a problem to negotiate all that while entranced by the
little specialty shops spilling out onto the uneven
arcades along the streets -- shoes, sweets, engine parts, oil lamps,
sacks of grains, sherberts, terracotta urns, chinese medicine, gems,
saris, marigolds, bells, statues, bangles, and myriad unidentified
objects filling the senses as we stumbled along trying to keep him
in sight.

And then a wider street, even more traffic, and looming over us
the fairy-tale facade of the Hawa Mahal.