Sunday, 4 May 2014

R&R, and R, and R and R and R....

Four weeks out, and there are signs of improvement. Apparently the radiation goes on working for up to six weeks, not sure if that is true, but hopefully any remaining cancer cells are continuing to die.

I am getting out and about but still fall asleep in the chair when I sit around for a while. The Buderim Barefoot Doctor has given me some traditional Chinese herbs, a dark and smelly concoction that I suspect is far easier to put down the tube than it would be to drink.

And I have retired, again. Who knows how long it will be before I am fit to go back to work, so it seemed only fair to resign from the Library, especially as Council is doing a big restructure this year. Time for me to focus on getting better, then who knows? Something completely different would be nice, and maybe somewhere completely different too, in time.

Meanwhile I am travelling through books. Iceland, Mumbai, New York, Las Vegas, London. You can probably guess a few of the titles. The Goldfinch - a wild read, wonderful. Shantaram - one I didn't find time for before I went to Mumbai though I did go to Leopold's and had read much about it. Burial Rites - and Hannah Kent was on TV yesterday talking at the Adelaide Writer's festival. Kate Atkinson's Life after Life. And now Deb has produced a copy of The Luminaries so I guess that's next.