Wednesday, 12 May 2010


The Erupt Lake Taupo Festival is in full swing this week.

At the Museum, a group of ladies from Auckland called the Knitterati are making a map of the lake from recycled materials. Old t-shirts, plastic bags, string and buttons; and much more. Visitors are encouraged to take up needles or a crochet hook and add to the map. Hills, paddocks, roads and rivers are spreading out from around the lake. There is even a little knitted plane on a bit wire, taking off from the airport.

Interesting how readily women take up the tools. "I haven't done this for years", "I had forgotten how nice it is to knit", common comments.

I heard one lady saying "I don't know which way to go, have I gone wrong?"
"No, no," her friend says, just make it up." Then, "you need to do it THIS WAY".
Little voice back "You always tell me what to do".

A little eruption?

I bought some wonderful gluten free bread at an organic shop in Taupo. It's made by Rebecca Rolls, and what a treat it is. Probably the best GF bread I have ever had! It is called ThoroughBread, and she does a wide range of different varieties. Rosemary and olive; walnut; sesame and linseed; lots more.

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