Sunday, 30 May 2010


Of all the driveways I could choose to stay in around Rotorua, this is my favorite - Jenny, Loretta and Kelly's place at Okere Falls. From here you can walk through a gate and down another driveway to a little jetty on Lake Rotoiti. Jenny says sometimes they paddle across to the Okere Falls Store by canoe. Or should I say kayak?

There was almost a frost last night and I spread my jumpers out over the top of my sleeping bag. Despite the pile I woke up with icy cold feet, but it was only an arm's reach to get hold of a pair of tramping socks. That's a good thing about living in a small space. Everthing is close to hand.

Had to buy a cigarette lighter phone charger as it is quite hard to find cafes where there are accessible power points and the Blackberry is such a power-hungry phone.
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