Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Kekerengu Store

First night in the new home I stayed in a Top Ten park in Christchurch - a sort-of updated antipodean Butlers Holiday Camp somehow.

Once on the open road I found driving to be more enjoyable than I expected. Sitting so high is very cool. I confess that I am unable to completely renounce cafe culture. How could you drive through Kaikoura and not take a break at Hislops? GF Banana cake to die for!

The Store at Kekerengu is one of my favourite places. This time instead of just stopping for refreshments, I got to stay over.

Dixie was the only vehicle in the car park by the beach. No excuse to go out for a cup of tea when you have a view like this from your own kitchen.

Early dawn over the Kaikoura coast bloomed with a delicate pink, but by the time I grabbed the camera and my shoes, it had faded. Still beautiful though. The drive up to Picton was a treat. The colours of the vineyards against that brown landscape - so unexpected and so stunning.

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