Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Next I will create an extra vegetable bed...

So this is being cogitated. Yesterday I finally got around to cutting into some of the timber pallets that I have been scavanging, and I have laid this out to think about. What do you reckon?
I'm thinking of planting beans, and this would be the raised bed. It will be on the front lawn. But that is the area where the chooks play (as you can see, they were a bit shy of this new monster that appeared in their territory), so the bed will need to be protected from them, hence the high sides. I admit it looks ugly like this, but I was thinking a post in the front corner and some netting wrapped around. Then I could fill dirt into that bit at the bottom of the pallet and plant something chook-proof around the base on the outside which would make it look more attractive.

I have to say, I made a lunch of salad leaves and spring onions all freshly snipped from the garden with 2 fresh-laid boiled eggs and some mayonnaise and I think is the first time in my life I have been able to get a food from my own garden and I can't believe how good it is. So I cranked up Jenny's music machine that I quaintly call "the stereo" (senior moment?) with Fat Freddy Live at the Matterhorn and got out the heavy-duty power saw and ripped into it - felt really good. This creation has a way to go yet but I'm excited.

And I finished the socks!

Next up is a Super Mario beanie.

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