Saturday, 22 October 2011

New garden, new season

The unfolding of a new garden is one of the great joys in life - though hope can turn to ho hum when you find that things are not what they seemed to be, for example the bulbs I thought were snowdrops that turned out to be smelly old onion weed. This garden has a few spring surprises - I hadn't recognised the creeper over the fence as clematis, and didn't realise the spiky things in the corner are bromeliads. Everthing looks lovely after the first lawn-mowing. The quince tree is blossoming, a couple of azaleas have gone all florid, and the flaxes are sprouting their flowers. My peas are setting beautifully and there is enough silverbeet to not have to buy greens at the supermarket. Bees are going for my potted flowers. The lemon tree is spouting lots of wee new leaves. And the chooks lay two more eggs every day. Abundance!

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