Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Let us see you shake your tail feather

Drama! Almost a tragedy. Here's a sight you don't want to see when you let chickens roam free

A small dog ran in from the lakefront reserve, and attacked Edna. The dog owner slunk off, and I had to rescue a quivvering white heap huddled in a dark corner of shrubbery. No blood drawn as far as I could tell, but feathers everywhere! Don't laugh - but she has only one tail feather left

So far I'm still getting eggs, but maybe they are those that were in production already at the time. The funny bit would have been watching me and Rex from next door when we spent about 10 minutes lunging, flapping, cooing and shooing as we tried to entice the other hen back into my garden. Two very traumatised chooks. Edna is getting extra treats like worms from the worm farm and sunflower seeds, so hopefully the feathers will grow back.

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