Sunday, 18 April 2010


This morning I dropped by Knit World to LOOK at patterns as I hatch a plan for my next project. With my mother's words ringing in my ears ("never buy new material until you have finished sewing what you have"), I left the shop with a stash of Rowan Cocoon. Oh the guilt. BUT it is merino blended with kid mohair and is sooooooooo soft to the touch, AND it was in the half price bin because sadly the Dunedin store is not going to stock Rowan any more. I have in mind the Girl Friday cardigan using the colourways Mountain and Shale, plus a scarf out of colours called Alpine, Tundra and Cairn.

Well, the stars are lining up. I love this from the ODT today, can you believe it? I do!

RTM - yes, besides reading the paper over coffee today, I studied the manual for my new camera. I'd like to get the best out of it. And I have the time for this sort of thing. Such a luxury to take time even for something as retro as RTMing. Can you tell I'm a baby boomer?

The lovely folk at the Fix asked me why I was photographing their shop.

"just testing the camera"

Thanks good people.

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