Saturday, 24 April 2010

Autumn in the rain

Fog and low cloud takes the edge off the autumn colours at Wanaka, but autumn shines through even in the rain. The mountains are draped in thick, soft scarves and blankets of mist.

Knitting the Rowan yarn bought in Dunedin. Spent forever at Touch Yarns in Clyde looking for something to use with it to make enough for a jacket.

While I was browsing, Elizabeth Ashford dropped in to say hello to Marnie Kelly who owns Touch Yarns. I had a brief talk to Elizabeth about my idea of an article featuring both organisations. Seemed like too much of a coincidence that I should be on the spot with both these people I have been thinking about. Elizabeth is doing a road trip with her 90 year old mother, who looks just fabulous. She said that for 40 years, she and her husband would travel to this area in autumn to paint. There are just so wonderfully paintable scenes.

By the way, I didn't buy any more yarn. Decided to make a few sqaures and see how it is looking before committing. Besides, there is no room in the car for a stash of yarn.
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  1. nice photos! I tried to post a comment on an earlier post but it didn't seem to work. So trying again.

    Hope the road trip is going well!