Saturday, 18 January 2014

Designs on Melbourne

The heat wave persisted through the five days of my visit to Melbourne - the longest heat wave on record, the papers reported.

So I spent a lot of time sitting in air conditioned cafes and browsing around the shops in the city where I could go from store to store without being blasted by hot air. The best coffee I had was the brzillian blend at the Sensory Lab which is just inside the David Jones menswear store.

I did manage to get myself one block away from the core of the city to check out the Design Dispensary shop on Little Lonsdale St. I wanted to get Matt and Tal some of these bookends.

They are recycled from old Melbourne bricks, sculpted by a UK architect as one-off pieces. He did book titles to order, but these are the only ones left now that he has returned to the UK. I also loved these stools which come in lots of different designs including my favorite, which looked like a stack of books glued together.
<a name='new_cardboard_stool'>CARDBOARD STOOL</a>

They are strong enough to bear 200 lbs each, and light enough to pick up in one hand. And they ship as a flat pack to NZ. Not that I need stools! But I love them.

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