Monday, 13 January 2014

At the Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospital in Melbourne there is a whole section for head and neck cancers. They probably see a couple of new patients just like me every clinic day. It took just a week from my first enquiry by phone to being examined by the radiation oncologist and a surgeon. They both agreed that there is a base-of-tongue cancer. Either it is getting worse, or their cameras are better. They were surprised at the time it has taken for me to get a treatment plan. Why has taken so long, they asked, and all I could offer was 'Christmas?' That resulted in a bit of head shaking.

Anyway, better to have this confirmation than to be in the CUP category where I was (cancer of unknown primary). They are so onto it, so friendly and efficient.

Sadly it is 42 degrees in Melbourne today. I just don't function in these conditions. It feels like walking around in a clothes drier set to High. I don't know if this a factor in my feeling a bit overwhelmed by the concept of packing up my house in Rotorua so I could rent it out for 6 months,and moving to Melbourne and finding an apartment. Maybe boring old Hamilton is not such a bad place to treated after all. There seems to be some urgency about starting radiation, so it would have to be done quickly if I am going to move.

When I ventured out of the air-conditioned hospital I went to Federation Square and visited some of my favourite paintings at the NGV. The Hotham Street Ladies have set up an installation which is a retro sitting room which is just about all furnished in items made from icing. Here's an example of their work, from the sign (letters about a foot high)

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