Friday, 13 May 2011

What to do with empty plastic bags?

Friday was for fun-with-feijoas, and clearing up the autumn leaves. Pottering in the garden inpired my choice of fabric for this bag.

Fueled by slices of feijoa and coconut cake, I made lots of jars of Feijoa Chutney made from Digby Law's recipe which is on the feijoafeijoa website. This chutney needs to mature a bit. I added a green chilli so I hope it will have a good bite.

I made a bag to hold those plastic bags that I never have enough of these days. It hangs of the back of the pantry door and sits flat. The fabric is from a very long kimono style robe I got years ago in Singapore. I think now the robe is shorter I might actually use it, so that is a bonus.

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