Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Winter walk

After days of alternately lashing and drizzling rain it was lovely to have some sun. So nice not to be cooped up indoors at work on a day like this. Here are some photos from my walk, along the Lake Okareka boardwalk. Lake Okareka is only a 10-minute drive from home.

Canadian geese, honking and grazing in the wetlands

Too nice a day not to just stop for a while and enjoy the sun. Beautiful benches for resting along the way.

Lovely rural scene, rich with the smell of the silage these beasts are enjoying.

Home stretch. It is so good to have some energy returning.


  1. Finally found you and you are looking so beautiful sitting there on that bench. Sending lots of blessings and hugs from waaaay over here xx

    1. Lovely to hear from you Suzi. How's it going over there in the sunshine? xx