Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Harvest time

The raised garden bed is starting to deliver meals! I read somewhere that two zucchini plants is enough for the average family, so I only planted one. Had one big fat zucchini yesterday grated and made into fritters with rice noodles - what to do with today's? Yes, one plant is enough. And when I say big, I mean by supermarket standards. I know that these little critters will morph into marrows given just a bit of leeway to grow!

Forgive my enthusiasm, but today I picked my first beans. They are also coming on so fast.

Dinner tonight is easy, just wander around with a colander and pick. The first roma tomato is ripening fast but not ready yet, so it will be greens in a stir-fry. I'm juicing spinach leaves daily at the moment before the bugs eat them. And the old bucket with a broken bottom that I rescued from somewhere, well it produced enough potatoes for about 5 meals. No I won't eat the flowers...

Edna the white chook has gone clucky again but that's OK, I have been giving eggs away lately.  Her tail feathers have grown back nicely. Madge seems to think I'm responsible for her mate being closeted away, as she tries to peck my feet at every opportunity.

My beloved S95 Canon was stolen last week, along with my mobile phone, so these photos are taken on the old Canon PC1309. It is not as good, but will do for now. This is the stunning dahlia that Rachel gave me. I'm not happy with the photography, but love the blooms.

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