Sunday, 18 December 2011

Wet weekend

It rained all weekend, but I still didn't manage to finish the SuperMario beanie. The new Addi circular needle is great, much easier than trying to manage multiple colours on dpns - that was driving me nuts. I was hoping to be able to send the finished hat to Matt for Christmas, but it is turning out way too small, and I'm going to have to start over with an extra Mario.

Unless Matt's head has shrunk?

Oh well, at least the mince pies were successful.

And I have finished a few more dishcloths, including one using shadow pattern. The blues don't really show up the full effect of this intriguing colour technique.

 The second one is the old ball and chain pattern from Mason Dixon knitting.

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  1. The mince pies look yum. Can you send me the recipe please?