Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Who's for spring rolls?

The Red Bridge Cooking School is a great experience. We started with a visit to the local markets to learn about all the ingredients common in local cooking. Quite an experience in torrential rain. Everyone, locals and tourists both, was wearing plastic condom-raincoats in lurid colours. Then a boat trip down the river to an unassuming garden pavillion and a highly professional performance. The chef demonstrated each dish and then we each made it ourselves. A team of roving assistants made sure we got it right.

So now I can not only make spring rolls, but I can make my own rice paper wrappers too.

And the clay pot eggplant dish is a winner. The recipe is on the website, give it a go.

We finished with a bit of a feast before the boat trip back to town. I slept all afternoon.

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