Wednesday, 2 June 2010


FairyBaby arrived! Turns out she's a little girl after all.

She's Annie Jean, and she came home yesterday. She was born in the very early hours of 2 June 2010. Just about the time that I snuggled in beside Eva for a long chat. "There's a fly in my room!", Eva called out. I said, I'm here, because mummy has gone to the hospital.

"FairyBaby is getting born at the hospital", she said. "All the doctors will be running about, won't they? And the midwife will be there, everyone will be helping. At Kindy, I tell secrets to my friends. My teacher's name is Sue. Sometimes mummy and me go to the hairdresser. She's Jen, and Jen just cuts the all ratty bits out of my hair. Wellington is a long way isn't it? In Wellington we had a different hairdresser. His name is..." We were still talking when Tom got back from the hospital, so we looked at some photos of FairyBaby.

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